June 22 - Is This Really Necessary?

Print vocal scores of 2017: An Opera in Multiple Unnecessary Acts, Op. 261, at

Cybercopy, in preparation for Goat Hall / San Francisco Cabaret Opera auditions this weekend and performances of same this August as part of Fresh Voices XVII in Vallejo, Berkeley, and SF. 

Before this,

the way down there, after,

lunch at Magoo's and a

circuituous return via

Willow Pass,


Antioch Bridge,


Rio Vista,

12, and

113 --

returning to compose page 13 The Decameron: Eighth Day, Op. 266: Novel III - Calandrino, Bruno, and Buffalmacco Go In Quest of the Heliotrope beside the Mugnone, as the heat wave continues on this 83rd day of summer, all-time high of the year at 109 -- 7 straight days above the century mark (Fairfield / Pleasant Hill, 105; Antioch / Rio Vista, 107)...